Our Story

Established in 1993, The Eight Immortals House is the first tea retailer opened in Malacca town. Strategically located near the Malacca clock tower and with a conducive ambiance, it adds value to the tea drinking experience for its local and foreign customers. Over the years, the tea master Yee Tea has been organizing different types of cultural activities, including events such as tea ceremony along Malacca River, Chinese tea classes, and art seminars.

Owing to its unique positioning and persistence in the tea art concept, The Eight Immortals House soon made a name for itself. With the driving force of two dedicated and passionate husband and wife who make The Eight Immortals House what it is today. The pair creates the perfect combo for The Eight Immortals House and what it has to offer for the Chinese tea drinkers of today. With their suave and brilliant team work, The Eight Immortals House stands strong as a growing business.

In 1996, The Eight Immortals House has moved from a shop in Mahkota Parade to its current location at 22, Jalan Laksamana, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia. The Eight Immortals House is a one-stop tea lovers' shop with a wide range of tea such as green tea, oolong tea, pu er tea, black tea, flower tea and herbal tea; tea brewing utensils; tea furniture and decor; as well as tea ceremony and cooking classes.

With the continuous spread of tea art and an increasing number of tea lovers and tea business operators, it prompted The Eight Immortals House to teach tea ceremony classes in English for its foreign customers. Additionally, Yee Tea also volunteers to teach in Tzu Chi Foundation's Tea Art University to further promote the tea art culture in Malacca, Malaysia. The course has since attracted people from all walks of life, regardless of race and nationality.

The Eight Immortals House has bloomed into a cultural business that will blossom through the years to come. It is hope that the tea culture could be spread globally and act as a cultural bridge that leads to mutual understanding and harmony.

Lastly, we hope that you enjoy shopping with us. "You can stay healthy and happy by drinking more tea at home!"